Home Intercom – Make Sure It’s Working Properly to Keep Your Family Safe!

Once an intercom is installed in a home, years go by and sometimes people just don’t realize the importance of making sure it is running properly. Sometimes obvious problems may occur and they need repaired. Some systems are as old as 20 years and should be replaced just for safety.

Simply go down this list and make sure you are safe:

    1. No Sound or No Power
    2. Scratchy Sound While Listening To Room
    3. Static From Control Panel Speaker
    4. Unit Keeps Beeping All By Itself
    1. Intercom Squeals During All-Call
    2. Intercom Is Making A “Whistling” Sound
    3. These Symptoms Happen When It Rains
    4. Touching Room Switch sounds Scratchy
    5. Unit Is Making A “Whistling” Sound
    6. Sometimes Unit Calls-In All By Itself
    7. Some Switch bank LED Call Lights Are Dim
    8. Bell “Time Tone” Is Not Working
    9. The Bell “Time Tone” Isn’t Ringing
    10. They Can Hear Me But I Can’t Hear Them
    11. I Can Talk “Out” But I Can’t Hear The Room
    12. Room Speaker Sounds Distorted
    13. Room Calls In During Announcements
    14. Room Call In When Bell “Time Tone” Rings
    15. Master Intercom Speaker Sounds “Boomy”
    16. Everybody Can Hear The Office Sounds
    17. All Call Is Not Working Properly
    18. All Call Volume Sounds Distorted Or Low
    19. Unit Is Blowing Fuses Or “Tripping” Breaker
  1. Room Call-In Switch Doesn’t Work
  2. Room Speaker Is Not Working, it’s Low or High In Volume, it’s Intermittent, it Goes In & Out, it Keeps Cutting Out, or it Keeps Calling In All By Itself
  3. Intercom Sometimes “Hums” All By Itself. If you realize your home intercom system is experiencing some or many of the above, it’s definitely time to get it repaired or replaced for you and your family’s safety. Look online for a reputable company you can trust who are fully licensed and insured.