Home Safes and Home Security

If you think having a safe in one’s home is only for those with lots of jewels and gold coins to stuff in it, then you’re thinking of home security from days gone by. If you think about it, in a modern world there aren’t many homes stuffed with such riches, and even if there are some, those are usually armed to the teeth with home alarm systems and security guards. The truth is that today, the average low to upper middle class family home contains just about the same items. Some might be more costly than others, but prime items like cash, prescription medications, guns, and small electronics can be found throughout. These are all things which can be sold quickly and easily for cash, and therefore are the modern day equivalent of a jewel heist. In fact, finding a secure buyer for expensive jewelry would probably be the hardest part of such a break in now! A great way to stay protected is to invest in a home safe.

More affordable than ever, and offering the added protection of flood and fire resistance, today home safes are a great investment that very few families can afford not to have. They are a place to keep loose cash, family jewelry and heirlooms, backup information from your computer such as photos and important documents, and of course anything else that you wish to keep private, secure and protected. As much as protecting them from burglars, today many families choose to protect their valuables with safes so their important documents and memories are not completely destroyed in the event something happens to their home, as well as all their financial documents. Additionally, a new kind of burglary is gaining in popularity, that of identity theft. Many people are increasingly wary about leaving financial and credit card information lying around even in their own home. With a quick snapshot of the average credit card statement on a digital camera, the average petty thief can now begin selling something far more valuable for cash- your identity. Protect your home security and avoid identity theft by keeping such items safe, in a safe!

If you invite people into your home on a regular basis and leave them unsupervised, a safe might be a good measure of protection. Should something go missing, it would be a shame to turn to the babysitter or handyman with accusations, just to find out later that they were uninvolved. Protect yourself and your household guests from heartache later by placing valuable items in a safe today! There are many varieties of safes out there, and as such it is recommended to choose a safe that comfortably fits your valuable belongings but leaves room to add. The more such a safe can be anchored down or built into a wall of the home, the better, since this mobility will keep it from being removed from the home. If a code is used to gain access to the safe, be sure to change it regularly. Finally, keep the safe protected by installing it in a surprising place. The master bedroom and closet are the first two places any thief would look, so increase your home security by choosing somewhere like a linen closet, an area in the kitchen, or a dummy door off the hallway. Use your safe on a regular basis to form good habits, and keep your belongings safe and secure!

Beef Up Your Home Security With an Intercom System

In many areas of the world home and personal security is simply not just something that is taken for granted. The sharp increase over the years of crimes committed against people in their own homes would attest to that. It is becoming more and more important to ensure that both your home and yourself and your family has adequate protection against these types of crimes happening at home.

Naturally your first line of defense is your front door and any other externally opening door. To minimize the chances of a break in you should have these doors fitted with a quality deadlock. The old barrel style locks, while they are good for easy access to and from the premises they are not known for their strength or resistance to tampering. The external doors should also be of solid construction.

As a safeguard against opening the door to a potential intruder a home intercom system is a good idea. How many times do you hear of a person being tricked into opening a door only to find that the visitor is there for means other than a nice chat. By installing an audio or video intercom system you have that chance to persuade your visitor to leave without opening the door first.

If the visitor or intruder is not in direct contact with you then chances are once they are refused entry they will leave. Obviously the best choice for an intercom system for this situation is a video system that enables you to see the visitor while communicating with them. The video systems available today are relatively easily installed and many have bright led lights incorporated in the camera housing which eliminates the need for setting up of bright lighting outside your door.

If you are happy with the audio only systems then you have a wide range of choices and installing them can be as easy as mounting the two units in your chosen locations, testing them out and then your intercom system is up and ready to go. Wireless technology makes this possible and for ease of installation you really can’t go past them.

Having said that, if a video system is really what you are after you can buy systems that run off existing telephone wiring which is handy where it is impossible to run new cabling without having to pull down the sheeting of entire walls. There is a number of wireless video intercom systems coming on to the market but from the feedback received from users they are still a tad unreliable and the picture quality certainly could be improved upon.

The features that can be optioned into these basic systems is almost endless. There are options for almost any number of inside intercom stations, the option of having music piped through all stations and even automatic door openers that can be operated from any intercom station in the home. From simple two way communication to entertainment to a complete home alarm system, a home intercom system can be the starting point for all of those.

Pointing and Clicking Your Way to Better Home Security

If you think that the Internet Age has positioned the Web as the foremost authority and marketplace for home security items, you are absolutely right. There is simply not enough time for sales reps to detail all of the little things which can go on a home alarm system and you might not be ready to hear it when they tell it. The internet is a great reference tool, a library that never closes. Whether something troubles you at 3 PM or 3 AM, it is at your service. Here are some ideas for using it to get better home security.

Use the big company websites to your advantage: You might consider the big home security company websites to be out there only to steer you in the direction of buying their products, but you can certainly use them to your advantage. Look for tips to round the system you already have in place.

Read through some different reviews: When you have the access to all of the reviews which are posted on different websites, you are going to get a taste of the feedback out there. Some of it is a little misguided; some is even downright fallacious and borderline libelous. Nonetheless, if there is overwhelming support from what seems to be reliable sources, you can feel comfortable you are about to make a good home alarm or lock purchase. In fact, there are enough consumer watchdog websites out there that you can feel safe about the reviews you are reading.

Keep certain sites as favorites to keep a pricing watch: You will notice that certain sites are always putting the goods together in the way of security items. Keep them on your web browser as favorites and continue to check back repeatedly to see if there are any great prices you ought to take advantage of. If you can catch a sale and get one of the items before it goes out of stock, you will probably kill two birds with one stone. You will no longer have to worry about a lapse in security and you will save a bit of money at the same time. Of course, living without an item for too long is not advisable.

Order quickly with a credit card: When you know what you want and that you want it quickly, have a credit card in hand so you can order and have it shipped in a flash. It is just another reason why you would want to keep a good credit history. Having to find all of the things you could order in five minutes online, to find these things separately in stores would be a logistical nightmare. In fact, it would probably take you a day or two at least. That is a lot of time you could have been using to do other things, everything from reviewing the plan you have in place to getting set for the necessary improvements.