Intercom Systems – Do You Need It?

Talking without Yelling in the House

Have you found yourself yelling or shouting to your spouse or children? Intercom Systems allows communication throughout the home with no yelling or shouting needed. Some systems have selective call or private communication between rooms.

New Family

As a Parent of a baby or a small child you want to monitor the child all day. Intercom Systems allows you to monitor or listen to the baby or child when needed. This can be done by individual room stations or all room stations at once.

Disabled or Senior Citizens

Intercom Systems allows the elderly and disabled to answer the front door without having to go back and forth. Hand held remotes to activate the intercom systems will enable the user to answer the door without getting out of bed. Great feature for the disabled or monitoring a disabled child.


Have you found yourself answering the door and wondering who it is? Intercom Systems gives you extra security when answering the door. No need to open the door to strangers with the door intercom. Also, open the door with the door release or use the hand held remote to open the door and not even get out of the chair.

Music throughout the home

Most Intercom Systems have a built-in am/fm radio. This will allow you to have music distribution throughout the home at an affordable price. Some systems will allow you to listen to different music in every room station.

Mp3 Players

We all like different music, some intercom systems gives you an option to connect iPod, Mp3 players or any handheld players. Even some allows you to connect these Mp3 players to each room station. Image everyone in your house listening to an Mp3 player at once.

Pool and Barbeque Parties

Having a party and want to enjoy the music or just laying out in the pool. Plug in the iPod or any Mp3 player into your patio room station to enjoy the music. Door Bell rings and you wet from being in the pool, use the Intercom System to answer the door or let more party guess in the house with the door release.

Include These Important Emergency Kit Items For Good Home Security

When putting together an emergency kit for your family, everybody knows to include the standard battery operated radio, flashlight, and extra batteries. Things like nonperishable foods and bottled water are no brainers. Throwing in a rain jacket or waterproof sleeping bag for good measure might seem like overkill, but most people do it just in case. The truth is, that to maintain good home security during a disaster, it takes more than throwing some items together in a bin in the garage and installing a home security system. Being truly prepared for a disaster means having the resources put together to fend for your family’s life for a period of 3 days to a week. Even if you believe you live in an urban area that could never be that far away from help, Mother Nature has quite an imagination. Instead of waiting to find out first hand a situation in which you might need it, put together an emergency survival kit today.

Of course it’s important to include the staples too, but don’t forget some of these often left out but extremely necessary items.

Medications. Many people take a prescription medication every day that they need to stay physically or mentally healthy. This applies especially to older adults. Whether your child needs an inhaler for his or her asthma, or your elderly relative needs a high blood pressure medication, consider that in a disaster situation tensions will be at their highest, an physical strain at its worst. This means that the consequences of going without such prescriptions can be damaging, if not fatal. Don’t assume you will be able to access medications around the house. Leave enough for several days in your home security disaster kit.

Baby Supplies. If you have an infant don’t forget to include items like diapers, powdered milk or formula, medications, and bottles in with the disaster kit. Include special blankets and clothing for baby and some kind of carrier. The family may be required to move from the area on foot, and having a clean carrier easily accessible can make all the difference when escaping a disaster area.

Glasses or Contact Lenses. People that have a lot of trouble seeing without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses should always store extras with the emergency kit. During an emergency you may be the person everyone looks to, to maintain home security. If you are incapacitated due to your poor vision, you may be risking the safety of everyone around you.

Entertainment. While you may think the last thing anyone wants to do in a disaster situation is play a game or read a book, many disaster victims cite the worst part of the disaster as waiting to be rescued. The wait can be excruciating, especially for children, if there is nothing to do. This can lead to panic, and poorly thought out and potentially life threatening escape attempts. Instead, pack a few board games, books, magazines, and a deck of cards.

Pet Supplies. Not having anything to feed Fido after a few days can start to put everyone in the family on edge, as well as cause your pet to suffer. Keep some pet food and supplies like a leash handy with the disaster kit.

Do it Yourself Home Security – Easier Than You Think

Do it yourself home security is easier than you realize and if you have a library card or access to the Internet you can research anything you will ever need to know on the subject. This is the most amazing thing about the Web because anything that we are ever curious about, we can plug into this world-wide Web and find the answer.

Trying to do it yourself home security is nothing but an education on the subject. Once you have done your research about technique, products, programs, or any alarm/surveillance related topic you can certainly setup your own network without the help of a licensed professional.

This means that it can be learned by anyone and to set it up is nothing more than some cost and labor. However much you spend is entirely up to you and you can take it as far as you think you need to. The labor is a piece of cake if you decide to go with a wireless CCTV camera.

Using the accessibility of something like a wireless CCTV camera makes physically setting up your network nothing more than placing your cameras where you would like them. With a hard wire you would need to drill holes and run cable through the attic or basement.

Having extra chores like this to handle can make do it yourself home security a little more difficult. This is why no wire is taking the prize in terms of home surveillance. They are easy to use, dependable, and extremely flexible to meet the needs of most scenarios.

Using a wireless CCTV camera will still require you to have a power source to operate to camera however there are simple ways around this. There are many that come equipped with a built in battery, some required to be changed, and there are other cameras that operate completely on solar power.

The options and possibilities that come from using a no wire system are unlimited. This is what makes doing this your self such an easy venture. Many of us are familiar with having to mess around with a wireless signal through means of a laptop. This is exactly how easy it is to use a wireless signal for your home protection system.

The Do It Yourself Home Security can be as easy as taking the time to read what is on the market and what will suit you best. Reading into this will be the only way you are able to make a well informed and educated decision.